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Comprehensive, high quality industrial design not only improves product functionality and aesthetics, it directly affects company branding. The core attributes of a company are accentuated by applying coherent design themes across all product lines. This expands the brand’s breadth (consumer range) and increases its weight (sector influence). When design is an integral part of the company’s zeitgeist, high-end products create a “halo” effect casting a beneficial light on the whole range. Good design references the past as it imagines the future.


Michel Swift  — 

Michel Swift is an industrial designer and product designer. Born in Valleyfield, Quebec and based in Montreal, Michel Swift began his career at GSM Design in 1977. Early on, recognition by his peers and the design community in general rewarded him with numerous distinctions and awards: a Merit Scholarship in 1976 from the Zinc Institute, Toronto, and while he was part of the industrial design group at GSM Design, three Awards of Excellence in Industrial Design from Design Canada in 1982 and 1983, one Award of Excellence in Industrial Design, and one Award of Merit in Industrial Design from Design Manitoba in 1982 and 1984. Michel Swift set up Swift Design in 1984, growing a diversified client base and executing all of GSM Design industrial design projects at the time.


“Quand il touche à un produit l'effet s'en fait vite sentir.”

— Marc Tison, La Presse.


In 1988 Michel Swift joined forces with Michel Dallaire Design Industriel on a design study for Bombardier’s high performance range of snowmobiles. Subsequently he collaborated on a dozen more projects with the firm and finally in 1991 on the design of the new passenger car interiors for the Boston Red-line subway system. In 1992 Michel Swift launched Savage Swift R&D, a new venture with services spanning the medical field among others. In 1996 Swift became the sole owner and he continued on developing the company under the name Michel Swift Design. The same year the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts recognized the excellence of his work in the industrial arts and honored him as a RCA Academician. Michel Swift acted as Chairman of the Board of the Quebec Association of Industrial Designers ADIQ in 1996 and 1997.

In 2006 Michel Swift and Geneviève Cyr launched Jamais Assez a storefront design savvy boutique where objects and a selection of contemporary furniture are proposed to the public. In parallel of his professional practice, Michel Swift had been a lecturer and a tutor at the University of Montreal School of Industrial Design for more than fifteen years. In 2008 Michel Swift joined UQAM’s School of Environment Design where he is a regular lecturer in object design. 


Awards —

Design Montréal 2009,
Design Canada 1982, Award of excellence
Design Canada 1983, Award of excellence
Design Manitoba 1984, Award of excellence
Design Manitoba 1982, Award of merit
Zinc Institute Canada, Merit scholarship

Fixer — RCA,

Client List —

Le Cirque du Soleil
Dangerous Music
L'Oréal Canada
Azura Furniture
Applied Acoustics Systems